Weekly Challenges Update (Week 3)

Just about to start the third week (Vigil) of the challenges we’ve set ourselves. Thought I’d share my progress and thoughts from the last two weeks.

One realization I’ve had is how I over estimate my current abilities. I’ve not yet finished a project during these challenges, but I am however, learning what I’m capable of within the set time. Obviously, my speed will improve as I progress, so even if the projects don’t get finished during the allocated time, it’ll be something interesting to look back on. I may, once I’ve gotten into a routine, come back to some of these unfinished projects and finish them. But for the time being, I’ll be moving onto new themes each week.

I’ve also started making a list of workflows/tools/methods I’d like to learn, and I will be incorporating at least one of them into each week’s project.

Enough rambling! Here are some pictures!


Lord of the Rings: Bag End Entrance.

Note: Computer had been acting out. Hard drive kept disappearing randomly, which resulted in this file being corrupted, due to it vanishing whilst I was working on it. And yes, I’m an idiot for not backing up! This is the state I managed to get it back to.


Lego: Connor’s Mansion, Kitchen. (Assassin’s Creed 3)

The walls, floor and windows were going to be realistic based on the Lego video games, and the props were to be made of out Lego (for example, the table).

Weekly Challenges! (Week 1)

My friends and I have set ourselves weekly themed challenges to do. This weeks theme is ‘Lord of the Rings’.

I’ve chosen ‘Bag End’! And for this weekly challenge I’ve decided to throw myself back into 3D Coat. When I used it last year I was only scraping the edges with its possibilities! I know once I’ve mastered it as a tool, it’ll be one of the main weapons in my arsenal.

Here’s where I’m at so far.

It’s not going as quickly as I hoped, and with only one day left before the next theme, I doubt I’ll get it anywhere near finished. I’m trying to stay in the mind frame of ‘live and learn’. If I get time later down the line I may come back to it.

Also, if you haven’t checked Polycount recently, you’ll have missed this awesome zip download of 2012’s recap collection! Tons of art for your lovely eyeballs! (Linkage)


Okay, so it has been awhile since I’ve ventured on over here. That will change.

Since I last posted, I got work as an Artist at GoGo-Robot (a company based out of Middlesbrough). It gave me a great insight into the workings of the games industry. Although, being around people with many years of experience under their belts, I did find it a little daunting at first. But I loved it.

Throughout the Christmas period (the build-up included) I’d taken extra shifts at my current work (Sports Direct). Which left little or no time for 3D, and after a long day, I didn’t fancy doing much else besides from being a lazy blob (and playing Assassin’s Creed).

Now that that period is over it’s time for the resurrection of the blog! …and 3D!

Fresh start. New project.

It’s been slow progress so far with the Mini and each time I sit down to do it my motivation drops. So I’ve decided to move on to another project as the Mini seems to have put me into a slump.

I’ve been listening through Bobby Chiu’s video pod-casts whilst doing my referencing/sketches for this new project, and I believe I’m heading in the right direction to spark the much needed motivation to create art once again!

This is just one of many videos he has – the one below is the start of a 5 part talk.

Bobby Chiu’s Old Man

The new project will be based on one of the final scenes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. –  Specifically this scene:

This idea has been floating around for just over a year now, and it’s time to bring it to life!

The progress so far:

– Blocked out the scene and added a camera to replicate the shot

– Decided on what parts are going to be modular

Based on what I done during the ‘Train Station’ project, drawing some of the main modular sections on graph paper helped to keep the scale consistent throughout the 3d packages (3ds Max > UDK).

The next tasks:

– Draw out modular sections

– Reorganize the ‘block out’ scene with the amended sizes

– Add further detail to the modular pieces (basic details)

Portfolio got a face lift.

Over the course of yesterday afternoon/night I updated my portfolio site to reduce it’s heavy image layout.

Click here or click the ‘Portfolio’ link at the top to see it.

Should now be quicker loading! Plus, I’ve tweaked a few things.

Removed the ‘work in progress’ section and added a blog button to this here blog. It looks a little more empty now. So I’m to get cracking on!

– A reminder for myself: Add the texture sheets to the model pages.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Been a while since I’ve updated here. No better way to start than to just jump right back in!

Finished the chair to be seated on top of the car.  There’s a couple of little errors on the backs of the cushions which I’ve already spent too much time trying to figure out. I’ve got it looking better than it was. I’ll no doubt come back to at the end.

It’s at a 2048 texture size at the moment which I may possibly change down to 1024 later on. Here’s some rough renders and texture sheet mock ups. As always, thoughts and criticisms welcome!

Click for larger images.

(Yeahhh, ignore the quality of the AO in that texture sheet. It works perfectly on the model. Just doesn’t look presentable as a texture sheet just yet.)


Exterior done and some.

Finished the exterior and begun work on the other objects! And now that I’ve finished the sofa (all measured up to the size of Rowan Atkinson), I’ve passed a copy on to a friend of mine (Andrew ‘poop-face’ Dixon) who will start developing the Mr. Bean character. Woop!

I’m sort of happy with how the sofa turned out. May possibly come back to it later and take it into Zbrush for further detailing. I’ll be attempting to create some thick rope which ties the sofa to the car in Zbrush.

The Sofa.


Next to tackle will be the interior. I’m a little unsure how successful this stage will be. But meh, let’s give it a try!


Car exterior 90%

Finally gotten into the groove and loving it!

Here’s a quick update (ignore the middle seam on the full car shots. I’ve spent little time trying to align them):

Wireframe showing the full model (ignore the middle seam dodgey-ness)

Wireframe showing only half

High Res Model

There’s a couple more things i need to finish off on the outside; the windscreen wipers, license plate and the under carriage behind the wheel.

After that I’ll be doing the interior sides to the doors and windows, and also starting the props!

Tyre progress

Not a big update. Got myself stuck trying to perfect areas of the tyre which necessarily didn’t need to be perfect…. Just another one of those times I need to remind myself to let certain things slide when using real world reference photos.

Anyways, here’s the tyre. Ignore the lighting and stuff – I took an old render default scene and plopped the model into it quickly.

High Resolution


I’ll hopefully have more progress to show in my next entry! By Sunday the aim is to have the side and front finished. Possibly even a couple items for the interior.


Mr. Bean Mini-Update

So I’m starting to get back into a manageable routine again and it’s about time I gave a detailed update to my current project!

I’ve not modelled a vehicle as of yet (not including the shitty one in my 1st year at university), and what better one to start on than the Mr. Bean car? With all it’s greenness, black bonnet and fashionable padlocked doors! There’ll also be a few extra touches to the iconic car…. Remember the episode when he goes shopping and buys too many items? ….here’s a picture:

Legend <3

I’m going to model all these elements – vehicle, sofa, paint cans, rope and mop. To top it off, a friend of mine, who is very talented character artist, has shown interest in creating Mr. Bean to sit on top. Happy days!

So the model! Here is what I have so far…

High Polygon Model WIP

As you can see I’ve blocked out the shape and started adding some of the finer details. (Bare in mind the bottom shot is just a quick mirror mock up.)

Next I’m going to quickly block out the shapes for the other sections, headlights, grill, doors, wheels etc. I also may venture off and start the sofa in Zbrush… But what I really need to do is just get the basic shapes in and looking correct before going further with the finer details.

Thanks for reading!