Weekly Challenges Update (Week 3)

Just about to start the third week (Vigil) of the challenges we’ve set ourselves. Thought I’d share my progress and thoughts from the last two weeks.

One realization I’ve had is how I over estimate my current abilities. I’ve not yet finished a project during these challenges, but I am however, learning what I’m capable of within the set time. Obviously, my speed will improve as I progress, so even if the projects don’t get finished during the allocated time, it’ll be something interesting to look back on. I may, once I’ve gotten into a routine, come back to some of these unfinished projects and finish them. But for the time being, I’ll be moving onto new themes each week.

I’ve also started making a list of workflows/tools/methods I’d like to learn, and I will be incorporating at least one of them into each week’s project.

Enough rambling! Here are some pictures!


Lord of the Rings: Bag End Entrance.

Note: Computer had been acting out. Hard drive kept disappearing randomly, which resulted in this file being corrupted, due to it vanishing whilst I was working on it. And yes, I’m an idiot for not backing up! This is the state I managed to get it back to.


Lego: Connor’s Mansion, Kitchen. (Assassin’s Creed 3)

The walls, floor and windows were going to be realistic based on the Lego video games, and the props were to be made of out Lego (for example, the table).

Weekly Challenges! (Week 1)

My friends and I have set ourselves weekly themed challenges to do. This weeks theme is ‘Lord of the Rings’.

I’ve chosen ‘Bag End’! And for this weekly challenge I’ve decided to throw myself back into 3D Coat. When I used it last year I was only scraping the edges with its possibilities! I know once I’ve mastered it as a tool, it’ll be one of the main weapons in my arsenal.

Here’s where I’m at so far.

It’s not going as quickly as I hoped, and with only one day left before the next theme, I doubt I’ll get it anywhere near finished. I’m trying to stay in the mind frame of ‘live and learn’. If I get time later down the line I may come back to it.

Also, if you haven’t checked Polycount recently, you’ll have missed this awesome zip download of 2012’s recap collection! Tons of art for your lovely eyeballs! (Linkage)

Exterior done and some.

Finished the exterior and begun work on the other objects! And now that I’ve finished the sofa (all measured up to the size of Rowan Atkinson), I’ve passed a copy on to a friend of mine (Andrew ‘poop-face’ Dixon) who will start developing the Mr. Bean character. Woop!

I’m sort of happy with how the sofa turned out. May possibly come back to it later and take it into Zbrush for further detailing. I’ll be attempting to create some thick rope which ties the sofa to the car in Zbrush.

The Sofa.


Next to tackle will be the interior. I’m a little unsure how successful this stage will be. But meh, let’s give it a try!