Fresh start. New project.

It’s been slow progress so far with the Mini and each time I sit down to do it my motivation drops. So I’ve decided to move on to another project as the Mini seems to have put me into a slump.

I’ve been listening through Bobby Chiu’s video pod-casts whilst doing my referencing/sketches for this new project, and I believe I’m heading in the right direction to spark the much needed motivation to create art once again!

This is just one of many videos he has – the one below is the start of a 5 part talk.

Bobby Chiu’s Old Man

The new project will be based on one of the final scenes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. –  Specifically this scene:

This idea has been floating around for just over a year now, and it’s time to bring it to life!

The progress so far:

– Blocked out the scene and added a camera to replicate the shot

– Decided on what parts are going to be modular

Based on what I done during the ‘Train Station’ project, drawing some of the main modular sections on graph paper helped to keep the scale consistent throughout the 3d packages (3ds Max > UDK).

The next tasks:

– Draw out modular sections

– Reorganize the ‘block out’ scene with the amended sizes

– Add further detail to the modular pieces (basic details)