Okay, so it has been awhile since I’ve ventured on over here. That will change.

Since I last posted, I got work as an Artist at GoGo-Robot (a company based out of Middlesbrough). It gave me a great insight into the workings of the games industry. Although, being around people with many years of experience under their belts, I did find it a little daunting at first. But I loved it.

Throughout the Christmas period (the build-up included) I’d taken extra shifts at my current work (Sports Direct). Which left little or no time for 3D, and after a long day, I didn’t fancy doing much else besides from being a lazy blob (and playing Assassin’s Creed).

Now that that period is over it’s time for the resurrection of the blog! …and 3D!

Portfolio got a face lift.

Over the course of yesterday afternoon/night I updated my portfolio site to reduce it’s heavy image layout.

Click here or click the ‘Portfolio’ link at the top to see it.

Should now be quicker loading! Plus, I’ve tweaked a few things.

Removed the ‘work in progress’ section and added a blog button to this here blog. It looks a little more empty now. So I’m to get cracking on!

– A reminder for myself: Add the texture sheets to the model pages.

The beginning….

Not sure how to begin this, so I’ll just ramble on about what I hope to achieve by using it…enjoy!

I’m setting up this blog to showcase my progress through the many personal projects I’m currently undertaking. At times I need further motivation to either just begin a model, or put the finishes touches to it. I’m hoping by keeping this ‘work in progress’ blog and sharing the link amongst peers and friends it’ll help keep me on my A-game knowing I have some accountability (a.k.a. lurkers).

The blog itself will be undergoing some further maintenance as I come to grips with what wordpress can offer.

Hope this reads English! It’s well past my bedtime.