Mr. Bean Mini-Update

So I’m starting to get back into a manageable routine again and it’s about time I gave a detailed update to my current project!

I’ve not modelled a vehicle as of yet (not including the shitty one in my 1st year at university), and what better one to start on than the Mr. Bean car? With all it’s greenness, black bonnet and fashionable padlocked doors! There’ll also be a few extra touches to the iconic car…. Remember the episode when he goes shopping and buys too many items? ….here’s a picture:

Legend <3

I’m going to model all these elements – vehicle, sofa, paint cans, rope and mop. To top it off, a friend of mine, who is very talented character artist, has shown interest in creating Mr. Bean to sit on top. Happy days!

So the model! Here is what I have so far…

High Polygon Model WIP

As you can see I’ve blocked out the shape and started adding some of the finer details. (Bare in mind the bottom shot is just a quick mirror mock up.)

Next I’m going to quickly block out the shapes for the other sections, headlights, grill, doors, wheels etc. I also may venture off and start the sofa in Zbrush… But what I really need to do is just get the basic shapes in and looking correct before going further with the finer details.

Thanks for reading!

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